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About us

RUSSÉ is a young but well-experienced company aware of the nowadays gymnasts’ necessities in each one of their exercises.
For this reason, our goal is that any amateur or any sport club, no matter its level, could find a wide variety of products so that any one can make the selection of items as per their own necessities.
All our products are handcraft made following traditional kniting and sewing methods always using first quality and highly resistant materials. This philosophy combined with our constant search for the lastest technological innovations makes our products fulfill the hardest demands of this sport, and consequently absolute market leaders.
We would like to thank you for your confidence on us. RUSSÉ shares your passion for this sport because we do believe in gymnastics.

Experts in Rhythmic Gymnastics

Reference company in the manufacture of toe shoes for rhythmic gymnastics

Made with the love that defines us in the artisan production of all our products. Manufactured with specific materials for athletes and easy to wash. Entirely adjusted to your foot thanks to their anti-slip and inside padding, offering unbeatable sensations on the floor.

Specialised in handguards for artistic gymnastics

Pioneers in their manufacturing in Spain based on the requirements and needs of the athletes. For this reason, our unique product is designed down to the smallest detail to offer high quality, durability and comfort.

Clothing and footwear for athletes of all levels

Unique and handmade items made with high-quality, elastic national fabrics. Designed for comfort and to fit all gymnasts.

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